School Groups

Parent Guide

Wichai Wittaya Kindergarten Section was established in 2004.In the Kindergarten section we currently have around 140 students ranging from Nursery to Kindergarten 3. In our Kindergarten section we have 19 teachers who are Thai and foreign. Our curriculum is based on a combination of the Thai curriculum and practices from English  speaking countries. Within the kindergarten section we strive to make a welcoming environment for all students so they can excel and develop emotionally, mentally or academically in all areas. MWEP is focused on the development of each child as an individual. Wichai teachers have a great working relationship which allows students to reach their full potential.

Why choose Wichai?

  •  Wichai has experienced and committed teachers, both Foreign and Thai.
  • A nice classroom environment with excellent materials such as; books, toys and games to stimulate the students.
  • In each classroom we have 3 teachers, this is to ensure that all children get all the attention and care that is needed to help the children develop socially, academically and emotionally.
  • All classrooms are equipped with a smart board, computer, projector and a whiteboard to make learning more fun.
  • English teachers are with their classes all day. This helps the students to learn English not just in academic lessons but outside the classroom environment.
  • Assessments are focused on the development and progress of students.
  • Fun and friendly environment.
  • Great communication and quick response in regards to parent and teacher communication. 
  • Students each has a communication book in which parents are told about their child's day as well as other important information. 

Teaching English:
Within our Kindergarten section teaching English is a fun and active experience. Children are encouraged to participate to the lessons and interact with teachers and students. All lessons include a range of different activities from phonics to reading and writing activities. Teachers also like to combine songs, role plays and dancing in their lessons. Teachers are very enthusiastic and love to encourage and see the children's development.

Teaching Thai:
Thai lessons are taught on a daily basis and are infused with games and songs. Children learn about different subjects in Thai as well as in English. From an early age students are taught how to recognize, write and say the Thai alphabet. Thai manners and respect towards family, teachers and fellow students are also highly emphasized.

Relationship between colleagues:
Each classroom consists of a foreign teacher, a Thai teacher and an assistant teacher. All the teachers work closely together to provide a safe and fun learning environment for their students. All teachers are present throughout the whole day to help one another and the students. We feel that the relationship between our teachers needs to be good and supportive in order to provide a great environment for students.

Here at Wichai Wittaya the curriculum is based on a mixture of the Thai and English curriculum combined together. Students study English and Thai but they also study Math, Science, Drama, Life experience, Art, P.E and Swimming. Having a wide variety of subjects helps to prepare for further on in their academic life.

Extracurricular activities:
Between the time of 3:15pm and 4:00 pm students can participate in extracurricular activities for example we have Science club, Robotics club, art club, homework club and clay work. These clubs give students an opportunity to develop new skills in subjects they are interested in.

Field Trips:
Within the Kindergarten section we often go to field trips as it offers a fun and interactive way for students to learn new information. All students get the opportunity to go to field trips throughout the year.

Daily Routine

Morning Assembly:
In morning assembly all students line up in their classes then the students sing the national anthem. After this, a foreign teacher leads the morning exercise. During the morning exercise, the students all dance and sing the song of the week and talk about the weather and the days of the week.

Milk time:
At 9:40 every day the students have their milk where they are assisted by all teachers in the classrooms.

Lunch time:
At 11 am students will go to the bathroom and wash their hands and line up for lunch. Foreign teachers will always ask students where they are going and students will have to reply in English.

Eating lunch:
Students are assisted by all 3 teachers during lunch time. Students are taught to speak English when asking for more food or water. Good manners is also emphasized at lunch time for example using please and thank you. After lunch all students will wash their hands and brush their teeth before nap time.